Friday, September 7, 2007

if you were me

If You Were Me (various directors, 2003)

If You Were Me is comprised of six short films by different directors. Each segment tackles the subject of human rights. The Human Rights Commission in Korea had asked for a film to be made regarding the issues, and If You Were Me is the first of an ongoing series (If You Were Me 2 and I read a third is being made).

The Weight of Her (Im Sun-Rye)

The Man with an Affair (Jeong Jae-Eun)

Crossing (Yeo Gyun-Dong)

Tongue Tie (Park Jin-Pyo)

Face Value (Park Gwang-Su)

Never Ending Peace and Love (Park Chan-Wook)

Stories of self-image, disability, embarrassment, identity, are societal problems covered in the segments.
If You Were the saying "put yourself in someone else's shoe," and how would you react or not react?

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