Friday, December 15, 2006

"honey flash!"

Why did I see this movie? I'm not sure why either, but Eriko Sato is pretty good looking lol.

Cutie Honey (Hideaki Anno, 2004) - 8/10

I expected a cheesy movie something like Power Rangers. I was right, sort of. Semi-cheap special effects and costumed villains you might find watching Power Rangers. The formula for this film spells disaster from the start, seeing how it's a live action take on an old anime series by the same name. BUT......this movie was really, surprisingly good.

A girl is resurrected as an android after an accident. She has superpowers and the ability to transform into different costumes, when she yells "Honey Flash," hahahaha. She seeks to avenge her father's death and rescue a kidnapped scientist (her uncle), against the Panther Claws. There are four ridiculously costumed villains, Gold Claw, Black Claw, Cobalt Claw, and Scarlet Claw -- led by Sister Jill, which is actually a man.

WTF right? The movie doesn't try to be serious though, with some funny scenes. Even the more subtle moments captures the 'charm' of the main characters and movie.

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