Thursday, December 14, 2006

blood: the last vampire

I don't really watch any anime except from Studio Ghibli. I managed to see this 45 min movie, cause someone told me it was good.

Blood: The Last Vampire (Hiroyuki Kitakubo, 2000) - 7.5/10

Blood: The Last Vampire tells of a girl (Saya) who must take down demon-like creatures that feed off human blood. The film consistently provided a dark and tense mood. The animation was well done. But sadly, this movie was too short. Less than an hour. If this movie was feature length, it had potential to be even better. There would be character development and background story of how and why things happen. I just slouched watching things happen and not sure why there are demons or who Saya is.
The anime series Blood+, I presume expands on this saga. But I'm avoiding it as any kind of series takes too long to follow. A live action movie is in the works -- Blood Vampire -- being directed by the director of Fearless and the horrendous Freddy vs. Jason.
Blood: the Last Vampire was still bloody entertaining (lol, lame pun).

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